Generate photo realistic 3D models for multi-channel marketing.

Nothing is as impressive as visualizing and interacting with photorealistic 3D models. They demonstrate an object’s size, materials, haptics and how a digital twin works. The ZEISS RealScan 3D scanner makes all of this possible in an unparalleled quality through the digital world of CGI, product presentations, etc. With RealScan, ZEISS is bringing to market an innovative process for product digitalization.

Of course, RealScan is doing so in the high quality that customers have come to expect from ZEISS: RealScan is the result of expertise acquired over several decades of photography, coupled with the core competency of ZEISS Industrial Metrology. And it’s precisely this mix that enables accurate capture and reproduction of the tiniest surface structures. RealScan by ZEISS brings us a step closer to reality.

ZEISS RealScan

Impressive quality

And when it comes to objects and materials that need to appear in 3D just like they do in real life, RealScan by ZEISS is the perfect tool for delivering exceptional results. This is is possible by using a more precise photogrammetry technology- the so called structured light.


Photorealistic 3D models

RealScan delivers photorealistic 3D models that serve as an ideal starting point no matter what your needs. From simple object presentation to high-resolution product images from the virtual photo studio, the world is your oyster. 

3D Real Scan

Matched to your needs

We can integrate the RealScan hardware and software solution into your company’s processes, or you can use the ZEISS Scan Center and send ZEISS the objects you’d like to have scanned.

The future is 3D.

With RealScan, ZEISS already holds the keys to the presentation and documentation techniques of tomorrow. From the product presentation in the online shop to realistic representations in games and interactive training applications based on augmented reality, 3D representations are far superior to any classic product photo and are therefore becoming ever more important throughout communication media and in our daily lives. The photorealistic images in three dimensions allow us to experience objects in new ways. RealScan makes all kinds of objects tangible, in every respect.

Upcoming Exhibitions

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CES Asia

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